2014 Attorney General’s Special Commendation Award


  • The award is intended to recognize individual or task force efforts. If the award nomination involves multiple individuals from one agency, only one person will accept the award.
  • If other agencies are involved that should be included in this award nomination, it is the responsibility of the nominator to coordinate with them and submit one nomination.
  • Nominations must be made by an ICAC Task Force Member or an OJJDP ICAC Task Force Program Manager.
  • Each ICAC task force is limited to one annual nomination.
  • DOJ reserves the right to not select a winner for this year based upon the applications received.
  • DOJ reserves the right to not make an award for any reason.
  • Award winners are subject to formal background check and final approval by DOJ.

Nominee Criteria

  • The nominee must be an ICAC Task Force, an ICAC affiliate agency, or an individual assigned to an ICAC Task Force or affiliate agency;
  • The nominee shall have performed either an investigative activity deemed exceptional or beyond the call of duty or have made a significant contribution to the ICAC task force program; and
  • The nominee’s investigative or program contribution shall have occurred in 2013.


Complete the nomination form, including a maximum 750-word description of the action or contribution of the nominee.

Contribution Summary

Describe the nominee’s investigative or program contribution in the space provided on the Nomination Form. The summary must include specific details describing the nominee’s contribution, which may involve either an extraordinary investigation or a significant contribution to child safety. The description should include all relevant participating agencies, including any federal entities. Relevant additional materials (i.e., newspaper articles, awards, letters of support, etc.) may be included with the application.

  • Submitting Task Force Information

  • Information on the Individual or Group Nominated

  • CEO Information for the Individual or Group Nominated

  • Contribution Information

    Describe, in detail, the distinguished ICAC investigation or ICAC task force program contribution. If nominating a group, please describe the role played by each member of the group. This description should not exceed 750 words.
  • File types allowed: .pdf, .doc, and .docx