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Sydney K., Michigan (2015 Winner)This fall, many state Clearinghouses and partnering organizations will be launching their state missing children’s day poster contests. The annual contest creates an opportunity for schools, law enforcement, and other child advocates to discuss the issue of missing and/or exploited children with youth, parents, and guardians and to promote child safety.

Each year, there is a concerted effort to include all states and territories in the competition. Last year, we received 51 entries, which included submissions from 47 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Saipan and Royal Air Force Lakenheath in England

The process is simple and open to all students in 5th grade. Each state/territory holds its own poster competition, and the single state/territory winning poster is submitted to OJJDP for selection of the national winner. The winning child, his/her teacher, and parents are then invited to Washington, DC to participate in the National Missing Children’s Day ceremony.

The national-level poster contest concludes on March 16, 2016. One winning entry from the state manager must be postmarked by the due date. To participate in the contest, please verify your state-level deadline with your state manager. To contact your state manager, please visit the state manager’s contact list.

Visit the poster contest resource page for additional information, including contest rules.

For any additional questions, please contact MECP at 1-888-347-5610 or via email at [email protected]